The QuEBS 2017 conference will take place at the institute for advanced studies, located at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.


QuEBS 2017 Participants can enjoy special rates at the Prima Park Hotel, which is about ten-minute walk from the Institute for Advanced Studies. 

Transportation from Ben-Gurion Airport to Jerusalem

Ben-Gurion International Airport is located 40 minutes driving from Jerusalem.

There are several options for transportaion from the airport to Jerusalem:

  • Privet taxi at the left side of the arrivals terminal. About NIS 244 during day and NIS 292 at night.

  • Nesher taxi, a shared door-to-door shuttle at the right side of the arrivals terminal. About NIS 64.

  • Bus sevices, line 485 (Afikim) from the terminal (1&3) to Jerusalem (NIS 16). Available 24/6 (except Fri. 14:00 - Sat. 22:00). It has three stops not far from Prima Park Hotel (see map).


For more information about public transportaion in Israel see bus.co.il or google maps.

Specific details can be found HERE.

About Jerusalem

Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world and it is the capital of Israel and its largest city. It is considered a holy city for the three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is located in the Judaean mountains, about 50km east to the Mediterranean and 25km west to the Dead Sea. The city offers numerous number of touristic sites including ancient places, historic sites, museums, religious sites, culture and nature. Useful information about touring Jerusalem can be found in ITravelJerusalem, LonelyPlanet or TripAdvisor.

Information about touring Israel can be found in GoIsrael website.


Two excursions are planned during the conference for the QuEBS 2017 participants.

On Monday evening (27/3) we will tour the city of Jerusalem and on Wednesday noon (29/3) we will tour the Dead Sea and Judaean Desert.

Visa to Israel

Before visiting Israel be sure that your passport is valid for at least six months from the date you enter the country. Visitors from most western country do not need visa. You can check here if your country requires visa or not.

Jerusalem old city

Dead Sea

The Hebrew University, Givat-Ram Campus Map

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