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Local Organizing Committee: 

Yossi Paltiel (HUJI)

Nir Keren (HUJI)

Yoni Dubi (BGU)

Adi Salomon (BIU)

Noam Adir (IIT)

International Advisory Board:

Martin Plenio (Ulm), Ulm University

Richard Cogdell, Glasgow University

Rienk van Grondelle , VU University Amsterdam

Jianshu Cao, MIT University

Greg Engel, University of Chicago

Welcome to Quantum Effects in Biological Systems (QuEBS) 2017 conference website. The conference will be devoted to the identification and study of quantum mechanical phenomena in biological systems. This is a newly-emerging area of interdisciplinary research encompassing physics, chemistry, biology, material science, and quantum information science.

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In this conference, we intend to explore processes at the biological quantum classical border. The importance of quantum process in wide range of biological systems including photosynthetic systems, bird navigation and olfaction will be discussed. For example, the role of dynamical quantum coherence and decoherence in biological systems.

The conference will provide new insights for engineering artificial biomemetic systems to achieve optimal energy transport with potential applications for the development of more

efficient solar cells, detectors and quantum devices. The conference will comprise both invited and contributed talks and will include opportunities for brainstorming and discussions to promote this novel research area.

After meetings in Lisbon (2009), Harvard (2010), Ulm (2011), Berkeley (2012), Vienna (2013), Singapore (2014), Florence (2015) and Durban (2016) the next QuEBS will take place in Jerusalem, Israel chaired by Prof. Noam Adir, Dr. Yonathan Dubi, Prof. Nir Keren, Prof. Yossi Paltiel and Dr. Adi Salomon.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Quantum effects in photosynthesis

  • Magnetoreception of animals

  • Experimental methods for quantum biology

  • The potential of quantum effects in the brain

  • Molecular transport in biological systems

  • The visual system

  • The olfaction system

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